Merchant POS Processing

$ 500 Guarantee

Lowest POS Processing Cost Guaranteed.  If we can’t show any Canadian

business owner “savings” on their electronic payment system processing services,

we promise to pay them $ 500 (no questions asked).


Merchant services with or without POS terminals – from your PC

– over the phone – or from an app on your mobile phone

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This product comes in 4 styles. You can have dial up, Internet with back up dial up, Bluetooth wireless short range (must have Internet connection). The wireless long range (uses cell technology from Rogers Communications). There is also a mobile app that can be used to collect payment using your cell phone.The app allows for a card reader to pass information through the cell phone for processing and provides a signature pad for the customer to sign. You have access to our support centre and all terminals come with a lifetime warranty.



Ingenico  ICT 250                          Ingenico IWL 220                       Ingenico IWL 250G

Dial / IP Terminal                          Bluetooth Terminal                     Wireless Terminal

We can offer you Point Of Sale (POS) processing equipment that you can purchase outright or do a lease to own.  Cut your monthly expenses from Moneris, Global Payment, Chase Paymentech and others. Why get tied to a bank that will only rent you these terminals? No need to change bank accounts, and product can usually be installed in less than 1 week. Submit a Merchant Statement and let us compare your rates and let us show you what you can save!

Some of the optional items on the terminal include;

  1. Assign a operator a number (so you know who ran the transaction)
  2. Tipping Option by percentage or dollar amount. (adjustable)
  3. Cash back. With or without a convenience fee
  4. Gift Card programs

Finally get a chance to OWN your machine –  no more rental costs!!


Using Virtual Merchant we can help you set up your web site to accept Visa and MasterCard payments on the Internet. For a tour go


Processing Costs

Processing costs for Visa and MasterCard are variable, but can be as low as 1.42% on Visa and 1.49% MasterCard transactions. Interac at 5 cents. We also process American Express.

Gift cards

Did you know that historically that only 65% of gift cards are ever used?  Also a good way to get more customers into your business by offering them a $5 gift card for mentioning they saw it on your web page.